I am a Library patron, why would I use Booke at all?

When you check the library book, you may want some quotes to stay with you. Whenever you see the book with the ‘Booke Edition’ sticker, it means you can get the Booke digital companion to it. With Booke, you can make reading something more than just a fleeting moment in time. You can save quotes, prepare your essence of the book, and have it always with you. You may want to see what other people deemed worth saving or commenting on the book you are reading.

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    • I am a library patron. Should I sign up using my library card number?

      No, please create an account using your email address. Booke is compatible with all printed books and is for free with the books available in selected libraries labeled as Booke Edition.
    • Getting Started with Booke

      Welcome to Booke! We’re glad you’re here. Spend a few minutes going through this guide to learn some Booke basics. They will help you to start putting into practice what you have learned while reading books. Definitions Before we dive in, here are a ...
    • Read These Books With Booke

      Why? Imagine if you could read your favorite books in print and lift the words right off the pages. Booke gives you the ability to copy, save, and share your favorite parts of printed literature in the digital world. Booke is a companion of a print ...
    • Do I need to buy a physical book to use Booke?

      Yes. To read with Booke, you need to have your book. Booke is an assistant of a printed book’s reader who owns a copy of a physical book and all the rights related.
    • Is Booke e-reader?

      No. You read your printed book. Booke helps you to make a variety of great things with your printed book: to search for parts, to save the quotes, and to track other readers’ highlights. Booke is a companion of a printed book’s reader.