Getting Started with Booke

Welcome to Booke! We’re glad you’re here. Spend a few minutes going through this guide to learn some Booke basics. They will help you to start putting into practice what you have learned while reading books.


Before we dive in, here are a few terms used throughout this document:
  1. Highlight (bookmark)—any excerpt of the printed or digital publication saved (highlighted) in Booke.
  2. Account—a username and password that allows Booke to identify your highlights (bookmarks) and make them available to you or other users of Booke.

Three Usage Levels

To fully benefit from using Booke follow the three steps and make them a habit: collect the best parts, practice them, get rewarded.


Ask chatbot (by typing) or Alexa (by voice):
  1. Add [title] (for example: Add The Power of Habit).
  2. Go to page [number] (for example: Go to page 273).
  3. Highlight from [the beginning] to [the end] (for example: Highlight from this is to to be).


Ask chatbot (by typing) or Alexa (by voice):
  1. Teach me my highlights.
  2. Present best highlights.
  3. Check highlights.

Get rewarded

Have a look at the side panel of the app and check your emails
  1. Be aware of your learning progress.
  2. Enjoy your rewards.

Useful Voice and Chat Conversations

Ask chatbot (by typing) or Alexa (by voice):
  1. Where am I in the book?
  2. Go to page 5.
  3. Search for freedom.
  4. What books are on my current list?
  5. Is The Power of Habit on the available (current, paid) list?
  6. Add The Power of Habit to my current list.
  7. Request The Power of Habit.
  8. Highlight from freedom to human rationality.
  9. Teach me my highlights.
  10. Check highlights.
  11. Present the best highlights.
  12. Present some compelling highlights.

Getting Early Access to the Prototype of Booke

Booke is in its early stages. Please be forgiving. We are doing our best to improve your adventure with Booke. Thank you for your patience!

Before you start

  • Booke is available with 500+ titles for free for our supporters.
  • Booke is a reading companion, not a reader–you read your book.
  • If you don't have a book of your interest, request a PDF version for test purposes.

Get access

For the time being, Booke is available as the Amazon Alexa skill and the mobile/web chatbot prototype.
  1. Try the Booke Alexa skill
  2. Try the Booke chatbot
Congratulations–you have successfully got access to Booke. Now let’s take a quick look at making highlights.

Making Your First Highlight

Booke can store a portion of a book page that you’d like to save and knows how to handle it. With that in mind, let’s create your first highlight (bookmark). The most common example is just a quote. In your printed book you’ve come across a moving or intriguing passage. Save it!
  1. Select the title from the current list. Say or type: Choose The Power of Habit
  2. Make a highlight. Say or type: Highlight from this is to to be.
It’s as simple as that. The whole passage: " This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be." stored in the app.

Sync your Kindle highlights

With Booke, you can keep all your print and ebook highlights in one place and learn them.
  1. Go to the settings on the side panel and find integrations.
  2. Sign in to your Kindle account.
  3. Check your email and follow instructions.
Your Kindle highlights will be sync once a week. You can press the Sync highlights button to force syncing whenever you want.
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